Gulbarga University
Year of establishment: 1980-81
Gulbarga - 585 106, Karnataka State - India
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List of Insitutions provisionally recognized for specified studies/specialized studies and research









Instruction to

provisonally recognised Institutions

The Institutions who have been provisionally recognised by the University and who have already admitted students to various programs under Specified Studies/ Specialised Studies and Research Programmes (Outreach Program) are hereby advised not to admit any student to any of the courses hereafter until further orders. If admitted, these admissions will not be accepted nor approved by the Universtiy.

 (As Sec. 29(2) (t) read with Sec. 4(i) and 4(v), 31 (xix), 35(1) and Sec. 66 of the K.S.U. Act, 2000)



Higher education is an agent of change in the society and civilization. Universities and colleges are the backbones of general and professional higher education system in India. Despite the large number of institutions offering varieties of courses far and wide, there is still a large group of people in need of higher education for improving their knowledge and also for seeking a better career. Offering courses through External mode is the greatest opportunity given to large number of students to improve their qualifications. Within the context of rapid technological change and shifting market conditions, our education system is challenged with providing increased educational opportunities without additional budget.

The Goverment of Karnataka Vide letter No. ED 04 UGS 2012 dated 25.07.2012 has communicated its approval of Gulbarga University Statue governing Recognition of certain Institutions for specified/Specialized studies and Research – 2012  (Outreach Programmes).

Any Institution situated within the area recognised by Gulbarga University other than a college which conducts research or specified studies or specialized studies, may be recognized by the University for such purpose and in such manner and subject to such conditions as may be prescribed in the Statutes.

The Institution shall include entities established under the following provisions and those engaged in the training, research and allied activities as established under:

      • The Societies Registration Act / Co-operative Societies Act, 1959;Public Trust and Private Trust performing public functions;Non-Profit Companies under Sec 25 of the Companies Act, 1956;Industrial houses including Multinational companies registered under the Companies Act, 1956;Statutory Organizations like Banking Federations etc;International Organizations (like UNICEF, UNESCO, UNDP etc.);
      • Professional Bodies;

    The marks card, degree certificates etc will be issued to the candidates through the concerned Institutions by the University.